4 Upcoming Underrated Brands You Should Know (Part 1)

These new brands probably won't be best friends with your bank account


Represent Clothing

British brand, Represent Clothing, is a UK-based brand created by English siblings, George, and Michael Heaton. The brand started during the time Instagram was introduced to the public as an online retail brand. Initially famous for its military-style pants, the brand has grown immensely in the past 5 years and is now retailing in over 150 stores worldwide, including world-renowned retail stores, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols. Classified as a progressive British high-end label, the brand is focused on producing luxurious pieces with premium material while at the same time keeping prices affordable compared to other high-end brands. Represent Clothing take pride in the fact their products are all made in the UK (with only a select few from European countries).

The brand's biggest inspirations stem from British rock and roll, military-style clothing, and vintage garments. With over 450,000 followers on Instagram, fans' response has been nothing short of crazy during each of their online drops. Their recent summer drops have been taking place every Friday night over the past 2-4 months during the heightened period of the COVID-19 pandemic, with T-shirts and pants selling out within minutes after each drop.

Aside from their famous military styled pants, Represent Clothing has also developed in what has been referred to as 'The best T-shirt in the world' by the public on its social media accounts. So, what's so special about their Tees? While other brands grow, expand, and look outwards for different designs and inspiration, Represent Clothing has managed to do the same while staying true to their original vision and aesthetics that has allowed the brand to reach its level of status today. Their recent Tee's from their past summer, and current fall collection all follow a central vintage aesthetic. With a high neckline, oversized, and vintage wash as well as hand-distressed detailing on (some) Tees, Represent Clothing's products are sure to transport you back in time to the age of Rock and Roll. We happen to have this Tee in hand and can only say that we have yet to see another brand create pieces like Represent Clothing have had.


The brand that with a matter of the right place, right time, and the right T-shirt. Rhude is a luxurious and lowkey streetwear brand that wouldn't grab your attention initially, but will definitely turn heads when you know the incredible story behind it. The mastermind behind Rhude is Rhuigi Villasenor, who was born in the Philippines and grew up in LA. In 2012, Villasenor designed a black and white paisley bandana T-shirt that was a nod to the West Coast culture. Little did he know that this T-shirt would be the start of something enormous that would resonate in the world's fashion and street culture. Eventually, Kendrick Lamar would personally ask Villasenor to wear his Tee at the BET awards in 2012, solidifying his clothing industry presence. The designer eventually launched Rhude in 2014. Today, Rhude has been worn by celebrities around the world, including; A$AP Rocky, Kevin Durant, Big Sean, and Bella Hadid, amongst many others! The brand has a solid fan-base and has expanded to many select retailers such as SSENSE and Union, all of them selling out whenever a new drop comes in!

Rhuigi's inspiration for his brand stems from his personal upbringing in LA when he first arrived from the Philippines. At the age of 11, with no knowledge of the local language, the designer adapted to his environment and learned the ways of his surroundings. His design pieces reflect 'modern socioeconomics' and serve as a kaleidoscope to tell his stories in his own way as he grew up in LA.

Rhude has come a long way since his first days with Kendrick Lamar. After his first runway show in Paris showcasing his first line of footwear, the young designer shows no signs of slowing down, as made apparent by his recent second collaboration with Vans along with his own take on the Acer Ni and Diamo silhouettes. As you guessed, these shoes sold out faster than you could say 'sold out.' Big things are coming, says Villasenor, and we're looking to see which direction he's will take his brand to next.