Exciting upcoming UNIQLO collaborations to look forward to!

Can the UNIQLO brand get any better? These upcoming collaborations will leave you convinced


UNIQLO Manga UT Demon Slayer

Kicking off our list is the UNIQLO Manga UT Demon Slayer. If you’re an otaku or a fan of anime, you’ll know what the business and hype is all about surrounding this anime. The story line is set in the Taisho-era of Japan and revolves around a kind-hearted boy, Tanjiro, who one day comes home to find his family murdered by demons. Not only that, but his sister, Nezuko is also turned into a demon. The pair set forth on their journey to find the demons who killed their family and turn Nezuko back to her normal human self.

The clothing collection features a wide variety of prints and colours as well as some select characters from the anime. These include the main character Tanjiro, as well as other demon slayers and demons. We won’t bother mentioning them as they’re too many characters to mention from the anime. We’ve watched the anime (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and can say with full confidence that the animation and plot are a solid 10/10. If you haven’t already watched it, the anime is available for streaming on Netflix (no we're not sponsored)! Although released online, the demon slayer collection is set for a release on September the 10th. Be sure to head to store quick to avoid disappointment!

UNIQLO x Jean-Michel Basqiuat x Warner Bros.

Seems like it was only yesterday that we’ve just received a UNIQLO collaboration with the legendary late artist, Jean-Michel Basqiuat, but UNIQLO’s already keeping us on our toes. However, unlike previous collaboration that feature Basqiuat with Keith Haring for their ‘Crossing Lines’ collection back in January, the upcoming UT collaboration the New York artist delves into the artist connection and affection with DC super heroes as well as Warner Bros Loony Tunes characters. Both these entities have played major roles and was part of the artist’s early inspirations growing up. As such, these characters were featured in his signature artworks in his later days.

The collection will feature both superheroes and villains, as we’ve seen in previous of characters including; Batman, Robin, The Flash, Superman and The Joker. Known for his graffiti style drawings, we see the artists’ famous scribbled text, symbols and stick figure drawings etched into the soon to be released apparel. The clothing collection will feature artwork on both T-shirts and hoodies so you’ll have no trouble picking these up and channel your inner superheroes (or villain) through you. Releasing in Europe stores on the 7th , we're hoping these will release in Thai stores sooner than later!

UNIQLO x Jill Sander

We’ve actually saved the best for last this time, and the UNIQLO x Jil Sander has got to be the most exciting collaboration incoming. Born in Germany, Jil started her career as a fashion editor for a women’s magazine before starting her own line in 1968, and making it to Milan runway shows since the 1980s. Eventually achieving international recognition for her minimalist and timeless, she was awarded Germany’s highest honor for her contributions to the fashion industry. A brand that was always driven towards a minimalist and simple approach to their everyday wear, UNIQLO would make the perfect collaborative partner to work with the German designer. As such, the pair’s first collection (also UNIQLO’s first designer collaboration), named as ‘+ J’ was launched in 2009 and only lasted until the FW 2011 collection. Almost 10 years later, the legendary duo is back to take over the now currently trending minimalist fashion world, as the collection is set for release for the fall/winter.

The +J clothing line is what we call the perfect storm of when fashion meets luxury, utility and simplicity, that is made for the people. We’re hoping that the upcoming collection to stay in line with the previous releases. Safe to say, you won’t be clearing these clothes from your wardrobe anytime soon! Optimistically, the autumn and winter collection will most likely be released within the next several weeks.

We’re still waiting for official images of the collection to surface the internet but rest assured, we’ll be making an announcement as soon as its out. The press have dubbed Sander's collection as "versatile, exceptional and defines the global modern uniform with understatement and ease". We'll leave it up to you to form you own opinions after having a look at official images. Stay tuned on Sasom for updates!