Nike 2020 ISPA Collection

Pushing boundaries with shoe design



There is a reason why Nike has always been at the forefront of innovation in the sportswear industry. By pushing boundaries with shoe design, Nike is always taking steps ahead in merging shoes fit for athletes that can be worn everyday, everywhere.

ISPA Overreact FK

This ethos is represented by Nike’s ISPA range, which stands for; Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt. The ISPA range aims to produce products that take on the unique and shifting challenges of the human made environment through a mixture of utility and performance.

ISPA Overreact FK Sandal

The 2020 release will feature 5 new sneaker silhouettes that include; Zoom Road Warrior, Overreact FK, Overreact FK Sandal, Flow 2020, and Drifter.

ISPA Flow 2020
ISPA Drifter
ISPA Zoom Road Warrior

The star of the show has to be the Zoom Road Warrior, a pair that looks like it came from a Mad Max movie. Set to release on July the 17th, this sneaker takes inspiration from basketball, sports training, running, outdoor apparel, and traditional Japanese footwear as seen in the split-toe tabi design.

A lot of Nike’s technology has been invested in this silhouette. Outstanding features include the double zoom pods in the middle, the AirZoom BB NXT, a spring system similar to the earlier Nike Shox technology and a lightweight upper that incorporates a technical fixation system to secure the foot to the shoe. That’s A LOT of Nike tech mashed into one shoe. We’re very curious to see how they feel one feet!

Despite the amount of technology going into the innovation of the sneaker, we are trying to understand it's incredibly high pricing point of $500. There is no current release date on the ISPA line. What are your thoughts on this collection?