Sasom's July Mid-Month-Must-Have

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Dear Sasom community:

Welcome to our Sasom Mid-Month-Must-Haves, where we feature our best pieces at the best prices. When you’re halfway through the month, one of two things can happen – you’ve either saved up and deserve a splurge OR you just can’t wait till the end of the month to do so. Whatever your situation, we’ve gone through all the trouble just to bring you our favorite mid-month buys that will suit your style yet keep your wallet and bank account happy. To make things simple, we give you a sneak peak at what’s being traded most on our platform to make sure you stay up to date with the current trends. Here’s what we think you need to have:

Sasom Exclusive Bearbrick 400% Display box

The big question on every bearbrick collector’s minds is most probably: “What’s my next bear brick purchase?” To answer that; we believe that the only thing missing from your (and everybody else’s) bearbrick collection is a top of the line display box, more specifically our very own Sasom Bearbrick 400% display box. So, why should you get our display boxes?

1. Perfect shield to protect your prized bearbricks

Our display boxes make the perfect shield to protect your prized bearbricks from the environment as well as the perfect showcase to admire and show off your collection.

2. Engineered to be vertically stackable and easily placed side by side

Made from a sturdy and polished transparent acrylic material, our boxes allow you to admire your bearbricks from every possible angle. To ensure your bearbrick collectibles are never apart from each other, our display boxes are engineered to be vertically stackable and easily placed side by side with a secure tab at the base of the box to hold and fix additional display boxes together.

3. Easy to access with fool-proof magnetic lock system

Instead of having to lift up the whole box each time you want to admire your bearbrick collections in hand, or want to switch one for another, we feature a fool-proof magnetic lock system that makes it easy for you to have access to your bearbricks. You no longer have to go through the hassle of rearranging your display boxes ever again!

4. Perfect positioning

For those who are OCD or have a hard time keeping your bear brick in the middle, we've saved you the time AND trouble by including a base placed at the center of the display box to hold our bear brick in place. You never have to worry about your bearbrick slipping out of place every again, making it the perfect complement to ‘Sasom’ your Bearbrick collection.

Is there any other need for convincing? Our bearbrick display boxes are also available for purchase as a set of 3 and a set of 10 at a discounted price. Buy it at Sasom now.

Bape x Medicom Toy Set (Bearbrick Camo Shark + Tee)

What’s better than a Tee with a BearBrick print? Having the SAME bearbrick design in your hands. As shown on our Sasom Tiktok page, we feature our craziest Bearbrick combo, the Camo Shark hoodie bearbrick and the Tee. The bearbrick itself is dressed in primary colours; red blue and yellow and plastered with Medicom Toy and Bape logos. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the meticulous detailing of Bape’s iconic Shark hoodie fully zipped up to the head. The figure’s head is also emblazoned with Bape’s shark design, while the lower half of the body holds a clean glossy black finish, offering a nice contrast. BOTH bearbrick and the Tee are readily available on our website, so why not get them as a set? There won’t be another unique set like this out there! Buy both at Sasom now and make your own Tiktok video!

Nike UNC Air Jordan 1 Low

For those that missed out on the Nike SB x Air Jordan Low UNC, stress less because the Jumpman brand has released another UNC themed low this the past spring. Rated as one of the greatest colour schemes in Air Jordan history, this was made evident when Virgil Abloh used the UNC colorway for his famous Air Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White. The Spring 2020 release features a mixture of baby blue and white leather. The blue leather swoosh is found on both sides with Jordan’s white embroidered Wings logo gracing the heel. The Jumpman logo is also found at the tongue and number subtle ‘23’ detailing on the lace stay. We think this is one of the best unisex colours released by the Nike Jordan brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jordan fan or not, wear this shoe with absolutely anything and you literally can’t go wrong.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra

Back for their latest and fifth restock this past June, the Yeezy 350 v2 Zebras is currently the most popular Yeezy that is being resold on our online platform. There’s nothing else to say about the fact that this colourway is probably one of most sought after colourways amongst the Yeezy lines. This shoe just became affordable compared to what prices were like 3 years ago. You don’t have to think twice about getting this pair.

Supreme Waist Bag – FW18

The red Supreme waist bag did not disappoint when it was released for Supremes’ FW18. It’s definitely one of the hottest items to drop during the season. The 1.2L capacity bag is built using waterproof and abrasion resistant material so don't be afraid to spill coffee on it (not that you should be intentionally) or fear the consequences of being outside on a rainy day. The bag features two zipped compartments and an adjustable waist strap, with a 3M reflective logo printed on the bottom. Whether you plan on rocking it as a fanny pack or throwing it over your shoulder, this Supreme bag is the perfect flex to your outfit. If we’re being honest, we would as a shoulder cross body bag, but that's just us!