Top 5 Most Expensive Bearbricks Of All Time (1000% edition)

Who says Sneaker's were the only expensive hobby?



Produced and designed in Japan, Medicom Toy's BE@RBRICK first entered the figurine collectibles scene in 2001. Since then, their gain in momentum has shown no signs of stopping as they've caught streetwear aficionados' and art lovers' attention. Their popularity and demand are reflected in the continually rising prices that have only gone on a steady uphill rise. These figurines are essentially a commodity. As a result, BE@RBRICKs now sit at atop in the world of toy figurine collecting. Their presence at the intersection of art, film, fashion, and design makes them VERY highly coveted, more so now, due to a wide range of limited-edition collaborations.

BE@RBRICKs come in 3 main sizes, starting from the smallest size known as the 100% (4 cm tall) up to the 1000% (70 cm tall) form, with most collectors going for the 400% (28 cm tall) form. In today's newsletter, we'll take a look at the most up-to-date top 5 MOST expensive BE@RBRICK to ever resell in the 1000% form. Try and have your own guess before going through our list!

5. Sorayama x Daniel Arsham BE@RBRICK (6,450 USD)

We're kicking off this list strong with a collaboration between Japanese illustrator, Hajime Sorayama famous for his erotic portrayals of feminine robots, and American artist Daniel Arsham, who's currently in the spotlight for this famous sculptures and visual art. After joining hands (literally) together for possibly their most famous piece, that featured Sorayama's female robot hand holding hands with Arsham's eroded crystal arm. The duo's Die-hard fans were undoubtedly excited when Medicom teamed up with these two artists for a hybrid BE@RBRICK that brings out the best from both artists. This one has to be our favorite among the 5 in our list in terms of detail and design.

4. KAWS Dissected BE@RBRICK (7,501 USD)

The dissected KAWS BE@RBRICK from 2010 is one of the most popular BE@RBRICK models designed by KAWS. The BE@RBRICK features a dissection revealing bright coloured organs that contrasts with iconic KAWS' Companion figures. The design of this dissected BE@RBRICK is familiar to anyone who is a fan of KAWS' original art. This piece has become so rare that its incredibly difficult to find them on online resell stores!

3. READYMADE x BAPE (11,500 USD)

Released alongside its 100% and the 400% BE@RBRICKs, the READYMADE x BAPE x MEDICOM is what you get when you combine the of what Japan has to offer. The BE@RBRICK figure is created from READYMADE's signature vintage military fabric, which sports a zipper, ribbed hems, a tiny pocket, and 3D patches on the rear; ultimately giving this BE@RBRICK its very own hoodie! The classic shark hoodie can be unzipped to reveal the famous Bathing Ape on the inside.

2. Karimoku BE@RBRICK (13,000 USD)

Karimoku is a highly respected Japanese wood furniture company specializing in manufacturing high tech and high touch products. The company was established back in 1940 as a longstanding timber company, eventually growing into Japan's number 1 domestic wooden furniture maker today. This BE@RBRICK was the first one produced between Medicom and Karimoku and has been one of the most sought after BE@RBRICKs between the pair. Its' constructed entirely out of walnut wood, hand-crafted in Japan, and was made-to-order, giving rise to its exclusive rarity. Fun fact: the average asking price of Karimoku BE@RBRICKs on online platforms goes for an average of 10,000 USD!

1. Chanel BE@RBRICK (30,000 USD)

Are we even surprised that this BE@RBRICK sits as the most expensive BE@RBRICK to ever resell. NOT AT ALL. Designed by the legendary and late Karl Lagerfield himself back in 2006 to look like Chanel's founder Coco Chanel dressed in her classic outfit, a Chanel jacket with pearls, only 1,000 pieces of these BE@RBRICKs were produced. Safe to say, this BE@RBRICK sits at the top of all BE@RBRICK grails. This BE@RBRICK was sold at an auction for 30,000 USD! Good luck to those looking to obtain this rare piece! We'd consider ourselves fortunate if we ever get to see one in person!