Travis Scott Drops "Cactus Jack Health Pack"

Travis Scott has you covered (literally) with his Face Mask care package



With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to ravage across the world and showing no signs of letting down, the USA has been one of the countries to be hit hardest by the virus. While an increasing number of brands have begun to develop and produce their own face masks such as New Balance and Off-White, it was only a matter of time before we saw Travis Scott come up with his own products. Known as the Cactus Jack Health Pack, the kit features all the essential tools you'll need to stay protected when venturing into the world outside your home.

Cactus Jack Face Mask ($25 USD)

The kit features a brown 100% cotton twill with a contrasting white embroidered Cactus Jack logo and black elastic bands.

Hand Sanitizer ($12 USD)

The hand sanitizer is boasted to be made in the USA and is by no coincidence, Agave scented. One side of the hand sanitizer bottle reads, "Kills 99% of germs, la flame burns the other 1%".

SafeTouch Multi-tool ($30 USD)

Finally, the health pack's most unique piece has to be the SafeTouch multi-tool, which is said to be designed by aerospace engineers. Designed to be used as a handheld button pusher or a tool used to grab things, the Safe Touch is ideal for avoiding finger contact. Coming with a unique design and a short phrase that says, I ain't touching that S***, this item is sure to fetch a lot of attention.

The “Cactus Jack Health” pack ranges from $12 to $30 USD. Since these items were all made by Travis Scott, we expect to see a somewhat higher than retail resell value. If you're interested in the Cactus Jack health pack, stay tuned on Sasom for any listings of these items!