Privacy Policy

1. Preface

1.1. Sasom cares deeply about the importance of your privacy. Therefore, we want you to take some time to read and understand this privacy policy. Sasom may, but not limited to capturing, storing, disclosing, and analyzing personal data. 1.2. Sasom will only use your personal information as specified in this privacy policy. 1.3. Sasom will only store your information for the period specified by the law of the Kingdom of Thailand. 1.4. When you have applied for Sasom’s services, we will consider that you have agreed to this privacy policy and consent to allow Sasom to collect and use your information as described in this privacy policy. 1.5. If you have any comments or inquiry, you can contact us at

2. Data storage

2.1. Sasom will collect your information when you: 2.1.1. Register an account with Sasom 2.1.2. Link third-party accounts with Sasom through available channels such as, but not limited to Facebook Google plus. 2.1.3. Use Sasom’s platform and service. 2.1.4. Communicate with Sasom such as, but not limited to giving feedback or making an inquiry regardless of the format. 2.1.5. Provide your information Sasom’s website or application such as, but not limited to filling up shipping address, inputting personal information in profile page. 2.1.6. Use of third-party services provided by Sasom via the website or Sasom application such as, but not limited to payment gateway and logistic service etc. 2.1.7. Conducting a questionnaire prepared by Sasom. 2.1.8. Provide personal information to Sasom regardless of the format. 2.2. Sasom will collect these data but not limited to: 2.2.1. Name and Surname 2.2.2. Residence 2.2.3. Shipping address 2.2.4. Billing Address 2.2.5. Date of birth 2.2.6. Email 2.2.7. Phone Number 2.2.8. Sex 2.2.9. Identification number such as, but not limited to National ID, Passport Number. 2.2.10. Bank account details / wallet / Paypal that you use to receive payment from Sasom 2.2.11. Your other account information if you have accessed the service via a third party 2.2.12. Internet Protocol (IP) Address 2.2.13. Information for using Sasom’s platform and services such as, but not limited to access duration, personal interest and transaction history. 2.2.14. Personal information provided to Sasom regardless of the format. 2.2.15. Suggestions and comments 2.2.16. Your information that we have obtained from devices that you use to set up / access Sasom services. 2.3. Sasom uses third party payment services. Therefore, Sasom will not have access to any payment information, or credit card numbers etc. Once you agree to this privacy policy, Sasom assumes that you also agree to provide your information to the payment service provider. 2.4. You are responsible to provide true data to Sasom and will regularly keep your information up to date. 2.5. If you wish to withdraw your consent to collect, store and use your personal information, you can do so by contacting us writing to at all time. However, Sasom may not be able to provide services to you.

3. Use and disclosure of personal information

3.1. Sasom will use your personal information to: 3.1.1. Support your use 3.1.2. Ship the product 3.1.3. Analyze your usage and proceed to maximize Sasom user experience satisfactory level. 3.1.4. Record and analyze your interests and needs, enhancing your experience of using the service. 3.1.5. Complete your transaction 3.1.6. Notify you, of but not limited to promotions, services/product/delivery issues and irregularities in your account. 3.1.7. Protecting your personal rights 3.1.8. Protecting the rights of others 3.1.9. Check whether you have complied with User agreement or not. 3.1.10. Investigate and prevent fraud and corruption. 3.1.11. Identify your identity and delivery address. 3.1.12. Used for transactions between you and Sasom. 3.1.13. Facilitating the customer in various cases 3.1.14. Do statistics for reporting purposes in Sasom internal company report. 3.1.15. Collect data, study, analyze, summarize your service behavior to improve and develop Sasom. 3.1.16. Complying with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand 3.1.17. Other things that Sasom will notify you later and with your consent 3.2. Disclosure of personal information 3.2.1. Sasom will not disclose your personal information to third parties except: You have used services provided by third parties through Sasom such as but not limited to payment gateway and logistic service. Received integration from the government to investigate various crimes. Receiving your consent to disclose your personal information to others in writing. Any other cases that Sasom will notify you later and request your consent Sasom will not sell your personal information to anyone

4. Section information security

4.1. Sasom highly prioritize customer privacy. We, therefore, have safety measures and procedures that are appropriate which helps to keep your personal information safe from loss , misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, change, and destruction. 4.2. For the safety of your account, Sasom asks you to keep your password confidential. 4.3. Sasom will strictly comply with all personal data protection laws. You can request information on your stored personal information via or any of our contact channels. 4.4. You can ask for removing and deleting your stored personal information via or any of our contact channels.