User Agreement

1. Preface

1.1. Welcome to Sasom whether you are accessing from and/or from the Sasom mobile application. Please read the following in detail before proceeding to utilize services from Sasom : Sasom User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), discount policy and penalty policy. These will be in immediate effect upon use. If you login into the Sasom platform and/or use Sasom services indicates that you have already agreed to all the above agreement and policy. If you click accept this user agreement, then you also agree with Privacy Policy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), discount policy and penalty policy. If you are not agreeing with any or all the above agreement and policy, please stop proceeding and refrain from using any of our services. 1.2. Sasom as a collectors’ destination is an online marketplace platform for buying and selling specified products. Sasom will only facilitate transactions, the actual purchase contract is directly between buyer and seller. We will not be held accountable for any damages unless those damages are covered in Sasom authentication guarantee. Sasom's responsibilities are to ensure that transactions process as they should and quality check items that are transacted with Sasom’s platform to ensure their authenticity only. 1.3. Herein by after shall refer to Sasom Co., Ltd. as “The Company”. 1.4. The Company will not guarantee that your transaction will succeed. 1.5. The Company will not guarantee the time that your transaction will succeed. 1.6. If the user is under 18 or under legal age, you must ask permission from your parents or guardian to access The Company’s platform and services.If you are not sure whether you are of legal age or not, please refrain from using the service until you have received permission from your parents. If your parents or guardian agree to this user agreement, then they will be held accountable for any damages done by this account. 1.7. The Company reserves the right to change, modify, suspend, or cancel any or all our services without further notice and all time. We may remove or modify certain features which may be performing incorrectly or be different from the latest version. We will take no responsibility for any damage occurring in the above situation. 1.8. The Company reserves the right to refuse to grant you access to the site or service or refuse to allow you to open an account for any reason.

2. Services

2.1. The Company’s platform and services will be available only to user who have agreed to this User Agreement or minor with parents/guardian’s permission. 2.2. User with any suspension, temporarily or permanently cannot use our services. 2.3. User agrees to the following: 2.3.1. Use The Company’s platform and services according to this User Agreement. 2.3.2. Always use The Company’s platform and services for lawful purposes and with legal means. 2.3.3. Not violating laws, including but not limited to laws and regulations regarding export and import restrictions. 2.3.4. Not use The Company for the purpose of fraud, unethical, misrepresent, deceive, or violate the rights of other users. 2.3.5. Not impersonating another person or juristic person or showing false information about connection with any person or juristic person. 2.3.6. Not perform price manipulation. 2.3.7. Not collect information about other account owners, including but not limited to any personal information. 2.3.8. Not access unauthorized information 2.3.9. Not access The Company using emulator, simulator, bot, or any other tools which are not manually accessed by you. 2.3.10. Not interfere with, modify, or obstruct the service, server or use of other users and enjoyment of the service, including hacking. 2.3.11. Not act or participate in any activities that may directly or indirectly result in disabling, causing heavy burdens, or causing the service, server or network connected to the service to be defective. 2.3.12. Not use the service to violate or evade sanctions or trade prohibitions operated or enforced by the US Department of Finance's Office of Foreign Assets Control, United Nations Security Council Ministry of Finance, European Union,United Kingdom and Thailand. 2.3.13. Not violate The Company’s rights. 2.3.14. Not use The Company’s intellectual properties before gaining permission from The Company. 2.3.15. Not upload, post, pass on, or make illegal content threatening, harassing, afflicting panic, deceiving, defaming, disrespecting, profaning, slandering, invading other people's privacy, disgusting, showing racism within The Company’s platform and services. 2.3.16. Not upload, post, transmit or otherwise perform any content in connection with minors who are not under the supervision of a guardian or use the service to harm the minors in any way. 2.3.17. Remove any ownership notice from The Company at any time. 2.3.18. Not taking any actions with the aim of undermining The Company’s working system, points, and rewards system and any other The Company’s systems 2.3.19. Not upload, write, describe, email, post, transmit or publish confidential content that you do not have access to or make them available to the public under the law, contractual relationships, or authorization (such as various internal information which stated in a contract not to disclose to the public) 2.3.20. Not upload, write, describe, email, post, transmit or publicize infringing content, trademark, trade secrets, copyrights, or other proprietary rights of others. 2.3.21. Not upload, write, describe, email, post, transmit or distribute material that has not been requested or authorized, including media such as junk mail, spam, chain letter, pyramid scheme or any other form of invitation that is not allowed by The Company. 2.4. The user acknowledges and agrees that the results of all content are the sole responsibility of the user.The Company is not responsible for any damage arising from uploading, writing, describing, emailing, posting, forwarding, revealing, or any other materials published by the user. 2.5. User. are aware that The Company cannot control uploading content, writing narration, emails, posting, forwarding, revealing content or any other materials in advance. Users may encounter content that may be considered offensive, obscene, or repulsive in any case The Company will not be liable in any way for damage caused by that content. The user agrees that the user will have to evaluate and bear all the consequence and risks associated with using the content including but not limited to dependence on the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the said content User also acknowledge that you cannot and to the maximum extent permitted by relevant laws rely on the accumulated content created or send to The Company Including but not limited to information on communities and discussion forums, and other areas on the site. If a user encounters offensive content or content that user believes to be a violation of these terms and conditions, the user can notify The Companyat and / or our other contact channels. 2.6. The user acknowledges, and agrees that The Company, may access, maintain and disclose your account information and content if required by law, according to a court order, or by a government agency or a legitimate authority having jurisdiction beyond The Company or in good faith belief that the access information is reasonably necessary to: (a) act in accordance with legal procedures (b) enforce these Terms of Service (c) respond to claims that any content infringes the rights of third parties (d) respond to customer service requests you must, or (e) protect the rights, property, or personal safety of The Company, users and / or the general public 2.7. Prices listed within The Company's platform, and our services are subjected to tax unless stated otherwise.

3. Privacy

3.1. The Company prioritizes user privacy, for user maximum benefit according to user privacy please visit The Company’s Privacy Policy at our website or within The Company’s mobile application. 3.2. If a user agrees to this User Agreement indicates that user also agrees with The Company’s Privacy Policy as well. 3.3. User agrees that ownership rights in user data are shared rights between you and The Company. 3.4. The Company will strictly comply with all personal data protection laws. You can request information and / or delete your personal information, as the case may be, depending on the law

4. Intellectual Properties

4.1. Any Intellectual property in the platform is considered intellectual property of The Company and/or The Company’s partners. No one may use it for personal gain before receiving written permission from The Company. The Company reserved the right to enforce intellectual property rights to the fullest extent enabled by law. 4.2. The Company do not allowed to do the following with our intellectual properties: duplicate, reproduce, reverse engineer, edit, disassemble, change, distribute, re-publish, display, broadcast, link, mirror images, transfer or forward in any manner, by any means, kept in the information search system or installed on a server, system, or device without prior written consent from The Company or from the relevant copyright holder. The Company allows you to download, print, or use information documents for personal use without any amendment allowed and not for commercial purposes. 4.3. Users are individuals or businesses that are independent and unrelated to The Company in any way whatsoever. The Company is not an agent or representative of users and does not possess and / or own any products listed on the site, unless otherwise specified. 4.4. If you are the owner of an intellectual property rights ("IPR owner") or an agent that is properly licensed by the owner of the IPR ("IPR agent") and you believe that your rights or principal rights are correct violate Please notify us in writing by email to and send us the documentation specified below to support your claim. Please allow us time to process the information provided to us and The Company will respond to your complaint as soon as possible.

5. Account and Security

5.1. To use The Company’s platform and services, users are required to register an account with The Company by using email as a user ID, users can also use Facebook, Apple and Google accounts to log into The Company. 5.2. User agrees to keep the user information: username and password confidential. 5.3. User agrees to determine that information in the user account is accurate and up to date. 5.4. User agrees to use appropriate nicknames. If The Company notices that the name used is inappropriate, The Company reserves the right to amend and suspend service in that service and / or all services of the collector without prior notice. 5.5. User will immediately notify The Company when the following occurs: 5.5.1. Unable to access your account. 5.5.2. Think that someone has used your account without your permission. 5.6. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your password being used without permission except for the case that error or password leak lie on The Company’s mistake. To reduce the risk of password leaking, The Company encourages you to change your password regularly. 5.7. The Company reserves the right to suspend and /or terminate the user's account without any notification if you do the following but not limited to: 5.7.1. You have violated this User Agreement. 5.7.2. You have more than one user account for unlawful intent toward The Company or the law. 5.7.3. The account has not been used for a long time. 5.7.4. Your actions have a detrimental effect on The Company and/or properties of The Company. 5.8. The user can cancel the account by sending your written request to The user is still responsible for any transactions that have not been completed and the impact of various past transactions. If disputes or other consequences occur afterwards, The Company will not be responsible for any damage caused by the operation of this request made by the user. User is willing and agrees to waive any claim from The Company operation according to the request of this service make by user 5.9. Users may open an account and / or use the service only if you live in the country where the collection is made.

6. Penalties for violations of service conditions

6.1. If the user has violated The Company’s User Agreement, The Company reserve the right to do one or all of the following but not limited to: 6.1.1. Send a warning letter 6.1.2. Cancel all existing transactions 6.1.3. Cancel all live offer 6.1.4. Suspend payments to user temporarily 6.1.5. Suspend service temporarily 6.1.6. Cancel the service (terminate user account) 6.1.7. Specified limits for account privileges 6.1.8. Fines 6.1.9. Civil proceedings 6.1.10. Criminal proceedings 6.2. If the user believes that another user violates User Agreement, you can notify at

7. Buy and Bid

7.1. Users can use the bid order to show willingness to buy certain products at a certain price. The Company will show the bid offer to other users, including but not limited to price, size, model, brand and type of product. The Company will match the transaction as soon as there is a matching ask/sell order. 7.2. The Company will notify you when your bid order has been successfully matched. If your payment cannot be processed for any reason such as but not limited to credit cards limit, card cancellation etc. The Company reserves the right to apply penalty according to The Company’s penalty policy. 7.3. The purchase contract between buyer and seller will immediately begin when either the user's bid order has been matched or user place buy order to match seller ask order. 7.4. Users can use buy order to instantly purchase items from ongoing ask offers. 7.5. The buyer is aware of the condition of the product to be purchased, which is stated and specified in the checkout page on The Company. The buyer will not reject the product or make any claims if the product condition is as stated from the beginning. 7.6. Users can refer to The Company product guideline in product guideline page, we will not be wholly responsible for any misunderstanding on product condition if specified under product guideline page. 7.7. Users must provide information on shipping address and ensure that information is correct and up to date. In case there is loss due to falsifying shipping information to The Company, The Company will not be held accountable for any of the damage. 7.8. Users can learn how to place bids and buy orders, and how to fill out the delivery address at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

8. Ask and Sell

8.1. Users can use the ask orders to show willingness to sell certain products at a certain price. The Company will show the ask offer to other users, including but not limited to price, size, model, brand, and type of product. 8.2. Users can use sell orders to sell items by choosing from ongoing bid offers. 8.3. The purchase contract between buyer and seller will immediately begin when either user ask order has been matched or user place sell order to match buyer’s bid order. 8.4. Once the buyer has made a payment to The Company, The Company will then notify the seller. 8.5. Sellers have an obligation to ship product to one of The Company partnered logistics within 2 days starting from the date that The Company informed the seller. There will be exceptions in case of public holidays and such. The Company reserves all the right to apply penalty to late sender according to penalty policy. 8.6. Sellers must understand that The Company only allows authentic products on the platform and The Company takes authenticity very seriously. If the seller’s product has been identified as counterfeit, The Company reserves the right to apply a penalty to the seller such as but not limited to reduce privileges and benefits etc. The users can see the penalty in The Company’s penalty policy. 8.7. Sellers must be confident that the products they want to sell are according to The Company’s standard. The Company’s standard can be found at the FAQs. Sellers must clearly state the condition of the product before setting up the sale listing. If the seller does not specify the condition of the product, it can be considered that the product is in perfect condition. If a dispute occurs, The Company may be, but not limited to, to reduce the amount paid, return the product, cancel the item, fine, etc. 8.8. The seller will bear all transportation risks regarding the delivery of the product to The Company for inspection and the seller will have sufficient insurance coverage for the carrying of all risks if the product is lost or damaged. The seller knows that The Company is just a middleman to connect the seller with the Company logistics partners. The Company is not responsible for any damage that occurs at all. The Company is only responsible for damage occurring during shipping between The Company and the buyer. 8.9. The Seller must provide correct and up to date shipping information to the Company. In case there is any delay or loss due to falsifying shipping information to The Company, The Company will not be held accountable for any of the damage. 8.9. The seller should manage and ensure that relevant information such as prices, product details, inventory amount, and conditions of sale have been updated in the seller's product catalog. Please do not post incorrect or misleading information. 8.10. The seller determines the price of the product to be sold at the seller's own discretion. The price of the product that will be charged to the buyer is the final price that includes but is not limited to the following sales tax, value added tax, customs duty, etc. Seller will not charge the buyer and The Company additional and separately. 8.11. Seller agrees that The Company may participate in promotional activities to stimulate transactions between buyers and sellers by reducing price, giving discounts or other methods at the discretion of The Company. The final payout will be the difference between the price specified by the seller when listed and The Company service fee plus the payment processing fee and other fees (if any). 8.12. For the purpose of sales promotion of the listed products, The Company may post such items (based on adjusted prices) on third-party websites (such as portal sites and price comparison sites) as well as other websites (domestically or internationally). 8.13. The seller must issue a receipt, or tax invoice to the buyer upon request. 8.14. The seller acknowledges and agrees that the buyer will be responsible for paying all customs duties and taxes for the goods sold. The Company cannot provide legal or tax advice on this matter. Since tax laws and regulations may change from time to time, it is therefore recommended that, if in doubt, Seller should seek advice from experts. 8.15. Seller acknowledges and agrees that if the seller violates any policies The Company will result in various actions as specified in section 6

9. Preorder

9.1 Users can only order certain types of products. 9.2 The user must pay a full amount or a deposit to confirm the pre-order. The required amount is shown on each product page 9.2.1 If the user has made a deposit payment for a pre-order, it is the responsibility of the user to provide information to the company, including updating the user's contact channel through the Company’s customer relationship channel before receiving the notification that the product has arrived. 9.3 When the user has paid the deposit, it is considered that the pre-order has been confirmed. Users will be notified of confirmation of the order for pre-order products via application’s notification and registered email. 9.4 When the user has paid the deposit, it is considered that the pre-order has been confirmed. It is deemed that the user acknowledges that they cannot change, cancel or request a refund of the deposit in exception of force majeure that will be considered by the Company. 9.5 Users will receive notifications through the Company’s application and registered email when the goods are arriving. The user must pay for the remaining amount after the deposit as shown on the order page in order to complete the order before the next delivery. 9.5.1 The Company requires the user to pay for the goods within 5 days after the Company sends the notification via the application and registered email. It is deemed that the user acknowledges that checking the notification within the period is the user's responsibility. 9.5.2 The Company will send a notification message at least 1 more time, including 24 hours before the payment due date. If the user does not pay for the remaining amount of the product, it will be deemed that the pre-order product is cancelled and the company reserves the right to refund the deposit. 9.6 When the payment for the remaining amount of the goods is completed, the Company must deliver the goods to the order and within 5 working days after the company receives the goods except in the case of force majeure. 9.7 The company reserves the right to notify the cancellation of certain pre-order products if including but not limited to: The manufacturer cannot deliver the conditions or according to the amount stated by the Company will be considered a force majeure event that is beyond the control of the Company.In such a case, the company will notify the cancellation and refund the deposit to the user within 3 working days. 9.8 The Company reserves the right to change, amend or cancel any pre-order conditions without prior notice. For example but not limited to, the opening period for pre-order, the amount available for each product, number of purchases per account, expected delivery time and the deposit amount etc.

10. Services, service fees, discounts, and promotions

10.1. The Company’s fee is stated in the checkout page, please read and understand before using the service. The Company fee that will be used to calculate the service charge is the service fee of the seller's account on the day that the transaction is matched, not the day the seller listed the product on The Company. If there is an increase in the seller's service rate which does not occur as a result of the penalty as specified in Section 6, The Company will notify the seller at least 15 days in advance through the communication channels specified in Section 15 10.2. The Company reserves the right to change The Company’s fee without prior notice. 10.3. If the user agrees with these terms of service, it is considered that the user agrees with The Company’s fee. 10.4. The Company may issue a discount code and/or promotion. The terms of the discount code and/or promotion are specified in the Discount Policy and/or individual promotion page. 10.5. The Company reserves the right to change terms and conditions in discount policy without prior notice. 10.6. If the user agrees to this User Agreement, it is considered that the user agrees to the terms of discount policy. 10.7. The Company provides optional services such as cleaning, sole installment to the buyer. The accidental damage arises from said services will be limited liability up to 2000 Baht.

11. Payment

11.11. Processing of The Company’s payment will be done through third party payment methods. 11.12. Payment methods 11.12.1. You can pay via credit / debit card. The type of credit / debit card that can be used depends on third parties. 11.12.2. Bank Transfer 11.13. The Company will not collect any of your payment information. 11.14. If your transaction is not successful, having problems or other cases, which results in transaction failure, The Company will return the money to user in form of the following depending on user choices: 11.14.1. Cash transfer 11.14.2. Credit back to your purchase card. 11.14.3. The Company Voucher The Company reserves the right to only return to users who have already completed payment through The Company. The Company will refund the actual amount that you have paid. For the Cash transfer option, The Company will only pay back the money via bank transfer only and we will only transfer the money back to an account registered in the user's profile -> bank account. The Company is not responsible for any damages arising from incorrect bank account information entry. 11.15. In the event that the user sells the product through The Company, your payout for the product will be the net price after deduction of service fees and other The Company fees such as but not limited to payment fee. The Company will only pay via bank transfer and we will only transfer to an account registered in the user's profile -> bank account. The Company is not responsible for any damages arising from incorrect bank account information entry. 11.16. The Company will not be responsible for damages that occur as a result of the delivery of payment information or incorrect filling of payment information. 11.17. To verify the card for the first time Sasin will deduct a very small amount of money and we will refund the money shortly after.

12. Membership System, Reward and Special Benefits, The Company Tier and The Company Points

12.1. Users may be entitled to receive SASOM Points and SASOM Tier points in all activities of users such as but not limited to product purchases, product sales, participation in various activities. The specified points shall be at the sole discretion of the Company and the Company reserves the right to convert the details without further notice. Your account has the right to participate automatically, unless stated otherwise. 12.2. Benefits from SASOM Tier and SASOM Points do not have cash value and cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged for cash. 12.3. Users can redeem various special benefits by sending requests to the Company, this is subject to the Company rules and regulations which can be changed from time to time. This is determined at the sole discretion of the Company. If the transaction is not successful, the Company will return the special benefits in the form of special benefits, in which the Company refuses to return the special benefits in the form of cash, regardless of the circumstances. 12.4. SASOM Points that you redeem will be deducted from your total SASOM Points. Your remainingSASOM y Points has an expiration date for each unit. Please check the details of your The Company Points under your account. 12.5. If a dispute arises regarding the amount of SASOM Points and SASOM Tier points you receive from an activity that you are entitled to receive, it is your duty to notify The Company within 15 days starting from the day you receive SASOM Points and SASOM Tier or the day you should receive SASOM Points and SASOM Tier Points. The Company may ask you to provide evidence to support your claim. 12.6. The Company is not guaranteed and is not responsible for any taxes arising from the use of special benefits. You must check with your tax advisor whether the use of special benefits affects the status of your tax return or not 12.7. The Company reserve the right to (1) cancel the membership system, rewarding system, SASOM Tier and SASOM Points at any time, at the sole discretion of The Company, with a minimum of 30 days advance notice and (2) canceling or suspending user rights to join membership system, rewarding system, The Company Tier and The Company Points without prior notice as a result of section 6.

13. Cancellation, exchange, return, and refund

13.1. Users are able to cancel bids and ask orders at any time unless the order has been matched and transactions begin. 13.2. Users cannot cancel buy and sell orders. 13.3. The Company has no policy to exchange any of the product unless stated within the product details page. 13.4. You can return the product and refund if: 13.4.1. The product is in a perfect condition and the Company tags remain intact. 13.4.2. Users believe that the received product is not the same as stated in the order and/or is a counterfeit. In addition, The Company has verified that what the customer claims are true. 13.4.3. User notifies The Company within 3 days after receiving the products through the channels specified in 13.2. 13.5. The Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction between the buyer and the seller if it can be proven that either one of the users and/or both parties have violated The Company terms such as delivering the wrong product, sending in counterfeit. Depending on The Company's policy at the time, The Company would like to remedy the buyer by means of money and may have other benefits as well. The Company reserve the right to modify or cancel this policy within prior notice.

14. Delivery

14.1. Users acknowledge and agree that all product shipments in Thailand and the Company country of operation will be serviced or managed by the country's leading shipping service providers or The Company owned delivery personnel. 14.2. For international transactions, the user understands and agrees that if the products being sold have been identified as being shipped from abroad, the above products are sold by sellers outside your country. The import and export of those products will be under the laws and regulations of that country. Users should understand all import and export restrictions that apply to a given destination country. Users are aware that The Company will not provide legal advice on this matter and agree that The Company will not be liable for all risks or liabilities relating to the import and export of the said goods to Thailand.

15. Disputes

15.1. In the event that there is a problem in the transaction, buyers and sellers agree to contact each other to resolve disputes by discussions. The Company will use reasonable efforts to facilitate. If the dispute cannot be settled, users can file a complaint with the court of justice in their jurisdiction in order to resolve disputes arising from transactions. 15.2. Each buyer and seller certifies and agrees that they will not prosecute or file any complaints to The Company or The Company affiliated companies (except in the case that The Company or affiliates are distributors of products in accordance with the aforementioned claims) in connection with any transactions made on The Company’s platform or any disputes related to the said transaction.

16. Notices

16.1. The Company may notify you via: 16.1.1. Communicate through various electronic channels such as but not limited to email, sms, social media communication channels such as Line, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok etc. The user will be deemed to have notice of the date of notification. 16.1.2. Communicate via post. The user will be deemed to have notice 2 days after the delivery. 16.2. You can send feedback and/or contact The Company at

17. Disclaimer

17.1. The Company does not guarantee that The Company service or any operations on our platform will be available, accessible, uninterrupted, timely, secure, complete, or error free at all times. If any problem arises The Company does not guarantee that we will resolve the issue. The Company also does not guarantee that The Company and/or its server will be used without virus, system clock, timer, worm counter, software lock Spy devices, Trojan horses, routing gates, time bomb traps, or any other malicious program code or components 17.2. Users acknowledge that all risks arising from the use of The Company operation and / or service vested in you to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. 17.3. The Company data visualization tools and charts exist for references only. We do not encourage transactions based solely upon those tools without personal discretion. If any losses occur for decisions based on those tools, The Company will not be responsible for any damage occurring.

18. Exceptions and limitations of liability

18.1. To the maximum extent permitted by relevant laws regardless of the circumstances, The Company will not be liable regardless of the contract for breach of warranty (including but not limited to carelessness (whether proactive, acknowledged, or accused) of product liability Total liability or other theories) or other legal issues In accordance with objectivity, according to the law, or anywhere else: 18.1.1. Loss of use 18.1.2. Loss of profit 18.1.3. Loss of income 18.1.4. Data loss 18.1.5. Loss of goodwill 18.1.6. Failure to recognize projected savings In each case, both directly and indirectly or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use The Company service including but not limited to damage caused by said things 18.2. User acknowledges and agrees that the only rights you have regarding any problems or dissatisfaction in service is the request to cancel your account and / or stop using the service 18.3. The Company has a limitation of liability to you or to third parties for the actual amount of damage or 2500 Baht taken the smallest values.

19 Link to external parties

19.1. Third party links are not under the control of The Company. Regardless of the nature, you access these websites at your own risk. The Company is not responsible in any way for the content of the linked sites or links on the linked sites including changes or updates to the said site