Top 5 Most expensive Jordan’s

The prices on these pairs are sure to knock you off the court!



With the recent release of Air Dior Jordans which are currently being resold at an average price of 5 to 10 times their retail price (depending on size), you’re probably thinking, that’s way too much to spend on a pair of sneakers. How do sneakerheads justify that amount of money? As with other items around the world that eventually would find their way to display boxes and auction, collectibles have their own market price and value to each individual. The same goes for these Dior Jordans, a release that combines sports with luxury fashion that is becoming ever so increasingly popular over the past few years.

Since we’re on the topic of Air Jordans, if you think that the Dior Jordan prices are crazy, we’re bringing to you today the top 5 MOST expensive Air Jordans to ever sell by counting down towards the most expensive pair. The prices on these pairs are sure to knock you off the court!

5. Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample

Starting on 5th place in our list, we have the sample shoe of the AJ 5 Retro Transformers. Fans of the animated series and movie will notice the red and blue colours on the shoe that correspond to Optimus Prime, the protagonist of the series as well as the number 84, the debut year of the series (1984). Gifted by the Jordan brand to Mark Wahlberg during the release of the first movie, the actor later on auctioned the pair online and received a nice hefty sum of $52,900 USD. (1,673,120 THB)

4. Air Jordan Silver Shoe (with autograph)

For his 32nd birthday, Michael Jordan received a hand-crafted silver sterling version of his AJ1 Silver colorway from his wife. These molded shoes weighed 4.5 kg and only ten of them were made! Not to our surprise, one of them made their way to an auction which went for $60,000 USD. (1,900,000 THB)

3. Air Jordan 12 OVO

In 2014, Toronto Raptors biggest fan and rapper/singer Drake, attended one of his team’s game. During the game, he gave away two pairs (one in white and one in black) of his unreleased AJ 12 OVO (October’s very own) samples that were a personal gift from the Jordan brand to celebrate their new partnership. Naturally the fans sold for a wealthy sum of money. The white pair fetched a whopping $20,000 USD but the black pair stole the shoe and sold for $100,000! (3,160,000 THB)

2. Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)

The AJ 12 Flu Game is the second most expensive Jordan to ever sell ($104,000 USD or 3,290,000 THB) and is remembered by the story behind it. Back in 1997, in the NBA game finals against the Utah Jazz, the Chicago Bulls were losing their fight. On that very night, Michael Jordan had a flu and wasn’t feeling great. However, he found his strength and rose to the occasion, scoring 15 points, leading his team to victory. The Black AJ 12 that he was wearing that night was famously known as the Flu Game, and was the most expensive Jordans to ever sell, up until this year.

1. Signed Air Jordan 1s

The most expensive Jordans to ever sell was FIVE times more expensive than the number 2 spot. This pair was made specifically for Michael Jordan in 1985 and signed by the legend himself. Originally thought to fetch a maximum value of $150,000, the bidding in the final 20 minutes of the auction increased by 300,000 bringing the shop value up to a final value of $560,000. (17,711,000 THB) The Nike AJ1s isn’t only the most expensive Air Jordan to ever sell but is also the most expensive sneaker of all time.